2018 TAIR Conference Presentations

A1 – Improving Student Success with Data (A Student Loss Analysis)
ZogoTech & Brazosport College

A2 – Planning and Implementing a Research Institute – Growing Institutional Researchers for the Future
Michael Dennehy – Brookhaven College

A4 – Sophomore Slump Versus Sophomore Success Determinants of Second to Third Year Retention
Jinny Case – The University of Texas at San Antonio

A5 – Quantitative Assessment of Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction
Faron Kincheloe – Baylor University

B1 – Tableau – Thinking Outside the Box
Toni Rhodes, Jamie Wood, Simon Smith – Tarleton State University

B2 – I’ve Got the Power (BI)
Jason McShan, Janet Flores, Jason Kot – Lone Star College

B3 – Data, Transparency and Non-Profit Private Institutions of Higher Education
Elizabeth Puthoff – ICUT, Jenna Cullinane Hege – THECB

B5 – Fundamental Steps in Building an Effective Data Culture: Linking Planning, Ownership, Governance and Execution
Jason Simon – University of North Texas

C2 – Building a SAS Code Library
Veeru Konangi – Texas A&M University – Central Texas

C3 – What Makes a Difference, a Research on Student GPA Using ANCOVA
Sam Shi, Brody Du – University of North Texas – Dallas

C5 – Strategic Planning for an IR Office
Gina Johnson – AIR

D1 – Visual Solution to Room Usage Reporting
Jerry Knutson – McLennan Community College

D2 – Dashboards Using Excel
Jane Lewis – Kilgore College

D3 – The Accreditation Liaison Role
Jeffrey Kirk – Texas A7M University – Central Texas

E1 – Wish We Knew Then What We Know Now
Susan Moreno, Vyas Krishnamurthy, Carmen Allen, Jorge Martinez – University of Houston

E2 – Do Differing Levels of Participation in Developmental Education Have Differential Effects on Persistence and Degree Completion
Kyle Lovseth, Hongwei Yu – The Center for Community College Student Engagement

E3 – Operationalizing Predictive Analytics for Advancement of Higher Education Practices
Carlos Rivers, Jeremy Anderson, Shonda Gibson – Texas A&M University – Commerce

E4 – Using Student Perceptions for Program-Level Assessment
Paul Turcotte, Jeffrey Kirk – Texas A&M University – Central Texas

F1 – Competency-Based Education – Using Data Dashboards for Insight and Powerful Stories
Carlos Rivers, Shonda Gibson – Texas A&M University – Commerce

F3 – Make Your Data Tell a Story – The Dos and Don’ts of Creating Graphics
Grace Mineta – Southwestern University

F4 – Say Goodbye to the American Dream
Lou Guthrie – National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute

F5 – Assessing Student Co-Curricular Involvement Using Rubrics and Focus Groups
Susan Thompson – Texas State University

G1 – Streamlining the Collection of Data for New Program Proposals
John Carroll – Texas A&M University – Central Texas

G3 – Google Charts for IR Websites
Jorge Martinez – University of Houston

G4 – Strategic Planning – Intentional Stakeholder Engagement Strategies
Teri Walker, Sarah Flores, Cheryl Young – College of the Mainland

H3 – An Introduction to Correspondence Analysis
Rion McDonald – University of North Texas

H4 – The Present and Future of IR – An Interactive Discussion
Glenn James, Gina Johnson – AIR

H5 – The Assessment Leadership Institute A Partnership
Chris Daley – Trinity Valley Community College

K1 – Do Transfer Hours Matter? An Analysis of Excess Hours of Bachelor Degree Graduates
Gabriela Borcoman – THECB

K3 – Planning Can Be Fun!
Soon Flynn, Daniel O’Hanlon – Austin Community College

K4 – Minority Student Success at The University of Texas at Dallas A Focus on African American and Hispanic Students
Moses Pologne – The University of Texas at Dallas

K6 – Building Effective Relationships & Project Management
Jeff Martin-Moreno, Laura Wichman – McLennan Community College

L1 – Coordinating Board Updates
L1 – Texas Higher Education Accountability System Update
Bill Abasolo, Chelsea Moore – THECB