Best Presentations

    • 2023 Susan Moreno and Hanlong Fu (University of Houston)
      Minding the Grades: Lessons Learned from Building a Class Performance Dashboard


    • 2022 Paul Kailiponi (Alamo College)
      Embedding Student Analytic Findings into Operations Tools: Implementation Process and Visualization Showcase






    • 2017 Jason Simon (University of North Texas)







    • 2011 Tracy Brown and Tim Schnell (UT-Austin)
      Faculty Management Portal and Profile


    • 2010 Colby Stoever (THECB)
      Pathways: A Data Driven Project to Increase Successful High School to College Transition







  • 2004 Denise Young (University of Dallas)
    Persistence, Academic and Social Integration, and Study Abroad: How They Interrelate