Professional Development

Kate Proff of Texas State University instructing the workshop titled

The institutional researcher has the responsibility to develop his/her own professional skills, knowledge, and performance and to keep abreast of changes in the field.
– Association for Institutional Research Code of Ethics, Section 1d

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Professional Development can be broadly defined as a process of improving and expanding our knowledge and skills. As an evolving field that spans multiple disciplines, Institutional Research requires professionals that value the pursuit of opportunities that allow us to engage in activities that develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in our duties.

Providing opportunities for professional development is one of the core goals of the Texas Association for Institutional Research (TAIR). Each year we provide multiple workshops during the summer and at our Annual Conference. Workshops provide members with hands-on experience designed to teach new skills and provide an opportunity to further strengthen existing skills.

In recognition of the importance of professional development, a Certificate of Completion Program was adopted by TAIR at our Annual Conference in 2015. The foundation of this program is the Workshop Completion Certificates awarded to workshop attendees. However, professional development does not stop with just one workshop. The Certificate of Completion program is designed to encourage members of TAIR to engage in an on-going process of learning and exploration of topics related to the broad field of institutional research.