Certificate of Completion Program


Access to a list of workshops you have completed and your progress in the Profesional Development Certificate of Completion Program is now available


The TAIR Professional Development Certificate of Completion Program serves as a recognition of the efforts by members to continue their education related to institutional research by learning new skills and knowledge. The program beings with the Workshop Completion Certificate which is awarded to attendees of workshops organized or sponsored by TAIR. The program recognizes the successful completion of multiple workshops covering a broad range of topics related to institutional research. For purposes of this program, members who lead a workshop are granted credit for completing the workshop.


The Certificate of Completion Program is broken into 7 general topics or tracks. Each workshops is classified as belonging to one of the following tracks:

0. Newcomers
1. Office and Project Management
Skills and knowledge needed to manage an IR/IE/IA office and manage projects
2. Data Analysis Tools and Methods
Software applications for data collection and conducting data analysis (platform specific)
3. Technical Tools & Skills
Quantitative and qualitative techniques for analyzing data (platform agnostic)
4. Presentation Skills
Data visualization and strategies/techniques for presenting findings and analysis
5. Reporting Knowledge and Skills
Knowledge and skills related to state and reporting requirements including, but not limited to, THECB reports and IPEDS
6. Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
Strategies and techniques for evaluating program and effectiveness and identifying opportunities for improvement

Level Requirements

In order to recognize the completion of workshops covering multiple tracks, the program recognizes 3 levels of completion. The requirements for each level are:

Level 1
(12-15 hrs)
Newcomer’s Workshop (or waiver*)
Course from Track 2 (Data Analysis Tools)
Elective Track 1 (course from Track 1, 3-6)
1 Additional Workshop from any Track
Level 2
(12 hrs)
Level 1 Certificate +
Elective Track 2
3 Additional Workshops from any Track
Level 3
(12 hrs)
Level 2 Certificate +
Elective Track 3
3 Additional Workshops from any Track

Workshops taken for the Elective Tracks must represent different tracks for each of the 3 levels. This means that Level 1 will represent Track 0 (Newcomers), Track 2 (Data Analysis Tools and Methods), and one additional Track. At level 2, workshops from at least 4 different tracks will have been completed, and by level 3 at least 5 different tracks. Additional workshops can be used to expand the breadth of training by covering additional tracks or go more in depth by taking additional workshops within a track.

*Newcomers Waiver:
Two or more years of experience in Institutional Research field may take place of Newcomers workshop. In order to request this waiver, please complete the Newcomers Workshop Waiver Form and submit it to the TAIR Professional Development Officer, at professional-development@texas-air.org.