2017 TAIR Conference Presentations

A1: Value Added: The Benefits of Enhancing Program Assessment Using Indirect Methods
Rebecca Peterson, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

A2: Mastering Self-Management
Lillian Marshall, Blinn College

A3: Practical Application of AIR’s Duties & Functions of Institutional Research
Gina Johnson, Association for Institutional Research

A4: Power BI: Excel on Steroids
Trudi White, O’Brien Hughes & Jacqueline Goffney, Lone Star College

A5: The use of data visualization to establish a culture of data-informed decision making
Andrea Burridge & William Carter, Houston Community College System

A6: Getting SASsy with EG
Laura Wichman & Jerry Knutson, McLennan Community College

B1: Brainy Ways to Student Success?
Joseph Meyer, Texas State University

B2: To IRB or Not to IRB? That Is the Question!
Thomas Martin, Collin College

B3: Speaking the Truth to Dreamers, Doubters and Demanders
Maryann Brown, FIRO Consultant & Leona M. Urbish, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

B4: State Reporting Data Warehouse For Texas Public Universities Using Banner
John Carroll, Texas A&M University – Central Texas

B5: Text Mining and Word Clouds – Using R to make qualitative text analysis easier
Leah Figueroa, Austin Community College

B6: A Predictive Model for Student Retention Using Logistic Regression
Fangyu Du, University of North Texas & Sam Shi, University of North Texas – Dallas

C1: The Continuous Evolution of the Student Data Warehouse at the University of Houston
Susan Moreno, Vyas Krishnamurthy, & Carmen Allen, University of Houston

C2: Canceled

C3: How are our graduates doing in the labor market? Challenges in seeking employer feedback.
Nasreen Ahmad, Collin College

C4: Tableau: Creating Meaningful and Immersive Visualizations
Al Walser, The University of Texas at Austin

C5: IR to BI Analytics – Making the Transition Work
Kent McShan & Marian Chaney, Lone Star College

C6: Uses of National Student Clearinghouse StudentTracker
Carol Tucker, University of Houston – Downtown

D1: Using SAS to Create Multi-Sheet Excel Workbooks
Amber Lummus, College of the Mainland

D2: Data Visualization for Reporting and Analytics
Richard Plott, Dallas County Community College District

D3: Statewide Trends in Developmental Education
Melissa Humphries, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

D4: Using Baldrige Discipline to Tame an Unruly QEP
Bao Huynh, Richland College

D5: Benchmarking: Texas Community Colleges Versus the World
Michelle Taylor, National Higher Education Benchmarking Institution at Johnson County Community College

D6: Gathering Stakeholder Feedback Prior to Designing a New Enterprise Data Warehouse
Jason Simon, Ah Ra Cho, Ryan Fellers, & Mary Barton, University of North Texas

E1: Moving State Reporting into the World of Interactive Dashboards and Visualization
Cortni Haralson, Lone Star College

E2: Book Review: “Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the IMPOSTER SYNDROME” by Valerie Young
Maryann Brown, FIRO Consultant & Leona M. Urbish, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

E3: Integrating Student Tracking and Feedback to Guide Student Success
Edward Hummingbird, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

E4: Transfer Students: Who Are They And How They Perform
Gabriela Borcoman, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

E5: Time Saver for All; A SAS Macro Toolbox
Philip Jou, Baylor University

F1: Countdown to First Class Day: The Next Iteration
Michelle Callaway, Maria Fargo, & George González, San Jacinto College

F2: Building a Successful Program Review and Assessment Process for Non-Instructional Support and Service Areas by Integrating the College’s Performance Excellence Mode, derived from the Malcolm Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence
Rick Leyva, Richland College

F3: Transcending Compliance: Implementing a Homegrown Faculty Data System
Jane Mims, Texas A&M University San Antonio, Kayla Sappington & Rhiannon Smith, University of Houston –Victoria

F4: Improving report turnaround time using SAS Enterprise Guide & Tableau
Sushil Pallemoni, Del Mar College

F5: National Survey of Institutional Research Offices
Darlena Jones, Association for Institutional Research

G1: Death By a Thousand Cuts: How Can IR Professionals Impact the Demands of the Ranking Survey Landscape
Jason Simon, University of North Texas

G2: What Do Graduates Think They Learned? Findings from a Pilot Test of a New Community College Completer Survey
Salma Mirza & Thomas K. Martin, Collin College

G3: Deep Impact: A Mission to Analyze Pre-Post Survey Data
Michelle Lewis & Jesse Herring, Sam Houston State University

G4: Reporting Rock Stars or Robots: They’ll Never Know
Jacob Price, Baylor University

G5: The Power is In Their Hands: Facilitating Data Usage throughout the Institution
Susan Moreno, Carmen Allen & Vyas Krishnamurthy, University of Houston

H1: An Investigation of Effective Educational Practices Among Community College Faculty
Colleen Bullock, Center for Community College Student Engagement & Richard Griffiths, Austin Community College

H2: Creating Branch Offices for the Small IR Office
Jimmy Roberts, Temple College

H3: Introduction to the Redesigned Texas Higher Education Accountability System
Cris Hamilton & Bill Abasolo, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

H4: Assessment professional: Expert blind spots discussion
Gloria Shenoy, University of Texas at Dallas

H5: Using R and QGIS for Geospatial Analysis
Daniel Vollrath, Trinity University

J1: Institutional Researchers as trainers, coaches, and educators
Gina Johnson, Association for Institutional Research, Kara Larkan-Skinner, Our Lady of the Lake University, Jessica Shedd, University of Texas System

J2: Opening Pandora’s Box! The Weird, The Whacky, and The Wonders of SAS Enterprise Guide
Katie Bateman, Alamo Community Colleges

J3: Poverty: It’s Not Just Ramen For Dinner. Helping Students Coming from a Culture of Poverty Succeed in Higher Education
Leah Figueroa, Austin Community College

J4: Promoting Innovation & Continuous Improvement
Nasreen Ahmad, Salma Mirza & Scott J. Parke, Collin College

J5: Is high school GPA a predictor of College Student Success?
Mei Wang & Deseree Probasco, Lone Star College

K1: THECB Update – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Doug Parker, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

L1: Beyond the Gateway: Examining Community College Students’ Post-Developmental Reading Success
Rebecca Richter, Temple College

L2: Using Dashboards to Meet the Challenge of Identifying and Intervening with STEM Students in Community College
Cathy Hooper, Lone Star College

L3: Are You Considering All Possible Factors? A User Friendly Discussion of Canonical Correlation and Commonality Analysis
Michael Haynes, Tarleton State University