2009 TAIR Conference Presentations

Below are links to the concurrent sessions given at the 2009 TAIR Conference in Lubbock, for descriptions please check the 2009 Conference Brochure (PDF). The file size is in parenthesis where the files are over 1 Megabyte in size.

General Session I: Millennial Students
Presenter: Elizabeth With, Associate Vice President for Student Development, University of North Texas

General Session III: State of Affairs Regarding Accreditation, Fifth-Year Interim Report, and Substantive Change
Presenter: Ralph Russell, Director of Institutional Support, SACS

Coordinating Board Update
Presenters: Janet Beinke and Gabriela Borcoman, THECB

(A1) Training Instructional & Non-Instructional Programs to Develop and Assess Outcomes (3.5MB)
Presenter: Danita McAnally, Amarillo College

(A2) Using Data to Improve Developmental Education: Three Case Studies (1.1MB)
Presenters: Michael Taft, Zogotech and Paul Illich, McLennan Community College

(A3) Business Intelligence, What’s in it for me?
Faron Kincheloe, Baylor University

(A4) What Institutional Researchers Should Know about the IRB
Presenter: Susan Thompson, Texas State University-San Marcos

(A5) Studying Withdrawal Behavior Based on Psychometric Mapping
Presenters: Edward Hummingbird, Kathleen Fenton, and Nasreen Ahmad, Collin County Community College District

(A6) Using Excel to Generate Key Performance Reports
Presenter: Bao Huynh, Richland College

(A7) Documenting Evidence of Student Learning on Core Curriculum Outcomes in Co-curricular Environments (2.2MB)
Presenter: Valerie Paton, Texas Tech University

(B1) Looking Backwards for Profiles of Success
Presenters: Xiaohong Li and Rita Caso, Sam Houston State University

(B2) Accountability 101
Presenter: Tom Corll, Central Texas College

(B3) Apples to…Oranges? Challenges and Successes in Delivering Strategic Management Information (2.9MB)
Presenter: Kristi Fisher, University of Texas at Austin

(B4) Coordinating Multiple Data Reports: Tips and Tricks
Presenter: Katherine Friedrich, College of the Mainland

(B5) The Student of Tomorrow: A Look at the Texas Challenge
Presenter: Eliza Hernandez, University of Texas at San Antonio

(B6) A Study of the Relationship between ENGL 1301 and Student Performance in Intensive Writing Courses
Presenter: Thomas Martin, Collin County Community College District

(B7) Master Course Syllabi Project: A Cost-Free, Faculty-Driven Database
Presenter: Shelly Peacock, Blinn College

(C1) Booting the Bull: Guiding Student Affairs Professionals in Conducting Effective Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
Presenter: Rebecca Lewis and Lisa Nagy, University of Texas at Arlington

(C2) Align Strategic Plans, Budgets, Assessment Efforts and Accreditation Requirements Online
Presenters: Andrew Davies, Strategic Planning Online; Barbara Brumley, Howard College

(C3) Key Performance Indicators: Development of an Automated Dash
Presenters: Cathy Vale and Roy Philbrook, University of Texas-Pan American

(C5) The Real Value ($) in Employee Engagement Surveys
Presenter: Noel Landuyt, University of Texas at Austin

(C6) The Elusive Convex Curve – Persistence Results of an AtD Initiative
Presenter: Margaret Drain, Houston Community College

(C7) Quest for a Knowledge Management Solution
Presenter: Maryann Ruddock, University of Texas at Austin

(D1) Creating Institutional Buy-In to the Program Review Process
Presenter: Bao Huynh, Richland College

(D2) Emergent Strategies to Improve Institutional Effectiveness: Integrating Institutional Research, Program Evaluation, and Planning
Presenter: Roy Mathew, University of Texas at El Paso

(D3) Keys to Successfully Implementing Balanced Scorecard Systems
Presenter: Jan Lyddon and Bruce McComb, Organizational Effectiveness Consultants

(D4) Lessons Learned Working at Three Different Community Colleges and the Coordinating Board
Presenter: Jerry Scheerer, Mountain View College

(D5) Impact of Repeating a Course
Presenter: James Holmes, University of Texas at Austin

(D6) To SPSS or Not to SPSS: Comparing SPSS and Excel
Presenter: Salma Ferdous, University of Texas at San Antonio

(D7) Mixed Methodology for Focus Groups (2.8MB)
Presenters: Tad R. Pfeifer and Katherine Freidrich, College of the Mainland

(E1) Transformative Assessment: Leading the Charge!
Presenters: Catherine Wehlburg, Texas Christian University and Richard Laramy, TTC Consulting, Inc.

(E2) Collecting Unit-Level Plans Using a Web-Based Interface
Presenters: Julie Thomas, Dick Whipple and Carol LaRue, Southwest Texas Junior College

(E3) Pairing a Data-mining Web Application with SPSS Statistical Analyses: Exploration and Examination Followed by Excavation and Exp
Presenters: Rita Caso, Qiyu Li and Xiaohong Li, Sam Houston State University

(E4) Where Does the Time Go? Time-Saving Techniques for the IR Office
Presenter: Amy Bawcom, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

(E5) Forecasting Supply of College Graduates for Texas’ Growth Industries
Presenters: Gabriela Borcoman, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Ruben Garcia, Texas Workforce Commission

(E6) Where are Your HEAVY-WEIGHTS? Identifying Unrealized Formula Funding Opportunities through SCH Analysis
Presenters: Kristi Fisher and Lincoln Holmes, University of Texas at Austin

(E7) 3-Year Comparison of Accuplacer Placement Rates Fall 2005, Fall 2006, and Fall 2007 ATD FTIC High School Graduates
Presenters: Georgia Sinclair and Carol Kay, El Paso Community College

(F1) Using IDEA Results in Assessment of Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes
Presenters: Jeff Roberts and Rita Caso, Sam Houston State University

(F2) Race and Ethnicity – What Are We Going To Do?
Presenters: Sue Herring and Jana Marek, Baylor University

(F3) The Assessment Bandwagon: Measuring Faculty Engagement
Presenters: Jennifer Hughes, Texas Tech University

(F4) Analysts, Let’s Get Organized!
Presenter: Salma Ferdous, University of Texas at San Antonio

(F5) Institution Characteristics and Student Engagement: 2008 CCSSE Results (2.0MB)
Presenters: Sandra Shannon and Samuel Echevarria, University of Texas at Austin/CCSSE

(F6) Class Climate
Presenters: Andrew Jopling, Scantron Corporation; Julie Fulgham, Mississippi State University

(F7) Where Are The Data? (3.5MB)
Presenter: Joe Meyer, Texas State University-San Marcos