2020 Conference Presentations

Monday, March 2, 2020

Opening Keynote

Paul Smith


3:30-4:15 pm

A1 – Tableau Dashboards: Connecting the Dots to Student Success
Sarah Flores – College of the Mainland
Aaron Thomason – ZogoTech

A2 – Identifying Institutional Peers Through Cluster Analysis
Jorge Martinez – University of Houston

A3 – Leading Indicators of Student Success: Using the VFA/AACC Pathways KPIs
Vaughn Alexander Hendirex – American Association of Community Colleges

A4 – Mapping Education Data in Texas
John Dinning – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

A5 – Surviving Surveys One Code at a Time
Kelsey Zemmler and Tracy Stegmair – Texas Woman’s University


4:30-5:15 pm

B1 – Using Data Scaffolding Technique to Build a Space Utilization Chart
Salma Mirza and Michael Tumeo – Southern Methodist University

B2 – Why Should IR Care about Texas Success Points?
Cindy Ullrich – Brazosport College

B3 – Academic Advising and Guided Pathways: Fall and Spring Entering Student Experiences
Michael Bohlig and Kyle Lovseth – Center for Community College Student Engagement

B4 – Spurring Relationships
Laura Wichman – McLennan Community College

B5 – Random Forest vs Logistic Regression in Predictive Analytics Applications
John Stanley and Christi Palacat – University of Hawaii-West Oahu


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

9:00-9:45 am

C1 – Leveraging Data Visualization to Enhance Benchmarking Reports
John Stanley and Christi Palacat – University of Hawaii-West Oahu

C2 – Using Cluster Analysis to Examine Program Cost & Productivity Data
Rion McDonald – University of North Texas

C3 – Using Latent Class Analysis as the Basis for Interventions within Higher Education
Cassie West – University of North Texas

C4 – Student Graduation and Transfer Success: The Predictive Validity of the CCSSE and SENSE
Dr. Richard Griffiths – Austin Community College

C5 – Increasing Equity Through Access? The Impact of Dallas County’s Dual Credit Explosion
Guyla Blaylock and Bao Huynh – Richland College

C6 – Unlocking the Power of THECB Data using Tableau
Sushil Pallemoni – Del Mar College


10:00-10:45 am

D1 – Incorporating Benchmark Data into your Institution’s Reporting
Daniel Chupe-O’Hanlon – Austin Community College
Michelle Taylor – National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute at Johnson County Community College

D2 – Helping Out Students Begins with Knowing Them: Comparing Students Awarded a Pell
Dr. F.C. Caranikas and Dr. Xiaoling Liang – Austin Community College

D3 – Ethics for a New Era
Soon Flynn – Association for Institutional Research

D4 – Using Data to Improve Student Success
Patrick Sanger and Pamelyn Shefman – Alvin Community College

D5 – Power BI vs Tableau vs Cognos: A Data Analytics Research
Abhishek Kumar and Luciano Boas – Texas Tech University

D6 – Using National Student Clearinghouse Student Tracker Service
Vyas Krishnamurthy – University of Houston


11:00-11:45 am

E1 – Using Benchmark Data in the SACSCOC Accreditation Process
Crystal Velasquez – Midland College
Michelle Taylor – National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute at Johnson County Community College

E2 – Unseen University
Juergen Stemair – UNT System

E3 – Using Evsions Argos and UC4 to Automate Data Collection and Dissemination
Lillian Marshall – Blinn College

E4 – Innovation through Qualitative Research
José Luis Cano – Texas Christian University
Ismael Marquez – South Texas College
Kent Willis – UT Health Science Center at Tyler

E5 – Application of SSRS for Automating Regular Reports
Fikrewold Bitew and Ashwin Jayagopal – University of Texas at San Antonio

E6 – The Show Must Go On: How to React & Respond to Personnel Changes in IR
Ygnacio Lopez and Vyas Krishnamurthy – University of Houston


2:00-2:45 pm

F1 – Statewide Trends in Developmental Education
Melissa Humphries and Yughi Kim – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

F2 – Predicting the Future: How Lone Star College Developed Its First Enrollment Projections
Kent McShan and Jason Kot – Lone Star College/Analytics and Institutional Reporting

F3 – Flavors of Program Review
Thomas Martin – Collin College

F4 – Risk Factors Associated with Excess Semester Credit Hours for Associate Degree Recipients
Chrys Dougherty – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

F5 – Rounding Up CBM/HB2223 Data with Power BI
Gloria Hurtado Diaz and Marina Kuryshina – Collin County Community College

F6 – Telling Stories to InspIRe – Sharing Data Through an IR Journal
Holly Stovall, Elizabeth Northern, Breanna Green, and Martin Salgado-Flores – Tarrant County College


3:00-3:45 pm

G1 – The “Y” of LMI (Labor Market Implementation)
Daniel Chupe-O’Hanlon – Austin Community College

G2 – CBM001 and CBM004 Reporting Tactics Tools and Tricks for Getting Clean, Balanced Reports
Chris Warner – Texas A&M University-Commerce

G3 – Increasing Student Completion with Pathways Analysis at Two Texas Community Colleges
David Malone – Collin County Community College District

G4 – Building from the Ground Up: UNT’s Journey into Data Governance and Analytics
Dan Hubbard and Robert Fajardo – University of North Texas

G5 – Using Data as a Flashlight: How Richland College’s Office of Planning, Research, Effectiveness and Development Supports Informed Decision Making by College Leadership Through Appropriate Data Utilization
Rick Leyva – Richland College

G6 – Non-Cognitive Measures and their Impact on Student Success
Jae Hak Jung – Lone Star College/AIR
Kwanghee Jung and Jaehoon Lee – Texas Tech University


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

9:30-10:15 am

H1 – Culture Shock: Expanding Data Culture at Lone Star College
Kent McShan, Janet Flores, and Deseree Probasco – Lone Star College/Analytics and Institutional Research

H2 – How to Provide the Evidence of Co-Requisite Developmental Education Effectiveness?
Jae Hak Jung, Christopher Reid, Jaramillo Kawan, and Adetokunbo Alonge – Lone Star College/AIR

I1 – THECB Update
Julie Eklund, PhD, Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Planning and Funding Division – THECB
Victor Reyna, Director, Education Data Center – THECB