2013 TAIR Conference Presentations

Session A1 – Navigating a SACS Accreditation Review: Tips for Crafting a Successful Compliance Certification Report
Thomas Cleary, Alamo Colleges

Session A2 – Hazlewood Benefits: Do They Really Benefit Our Veterans?
Amanda Clark, Sam Houston State University
Donna Artho, Sam Houston State University

Session A3 – Improving Data Reporting Through Succesful Alliances
Jaya Soni, Huston-Tillotson University

Session A4 – The Proliferation of Prerequisite Courses: Balancing Good Intentions with Rationality
Thomas Martin, Collin College

Session A5 – Statistical and Political Challenges of Selecting Peer Institutions
Alicia Betsinger, University of Texas System

Session A6 – SQL: The Sequel
Phillip Rhodes, Houston Baptist University

Session B1 – Documenting Assessment & Continuous Improvement for Reaffirmation of Accreditation
Jane Haas, Del Mar College

Session B2 – Graduation Incentive Grants: What Funding Amount Results in the Best Outcomes?
Jinny Case, University of Texas, San Antonio

Session B3 – Lessons Learned through the Strategic PlanningProcess
Cheryl Rogers, Tyler Junior College (Session B3 Handouts)

Session B5 – Community College Student Retention: The Predictive Validity of the SENSE Survey
Guillermo Martinez, Austin Community College
Richard Griffiths, Austin Community College

Session B6 – Analyzing Qualitative Research in an Educational Setting
Monica Alaniz, South Texas College

Session B7 – Best Practices in Dashboard Design
Eleanor Hooker, ZogoTech
Michael Taft, ZogoTech

Session C3 – Combining Prioritization of Academic Programs and Program Review: A Hybrid Approach
Kara Larkan-Skinner, Our Lady of the Lake University

Session C4 – Free Open-Source Reporting/Dashboards using Google Charts and R
Ruben Garcia, Texas Workforce Commission

Session C6 – Using Software to do More with Less
Faron Kincheloe, Baylor University

Session D1 – Root Cause Analysis: Systematically Identifying the Factors which Undermine Performance and Effectivenes
Lea Campbell, Ph.D., University of Houston-Downtown

Session D2 – Developing a Texas Tool Kit for Assessing the New Core Curriculum
Jane Zimmerman, Central Texas College

Session D4 – Student Learning Outcome Analysis Made Easy with New Analytical Tool
Cindy Ullrich, Brazosport College
David Preston, Brazosport College

Session D6 – Fun with Excel: Time-Saving Tips and Tricks
Lisa Haynes, Texas Womans University
Tracy Stegmair, Texas Womans University

Session D7 – Best Practices in Dashboard Design
Dr. Tom Bohannon, SAS Institute

Session E1 – Using CAS as a Foundation to Create A Culture of Assessment in Student Service Programs
Amanda Chesser Drum, Ph.D, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

Session E2 – Accountability System for Texas Non-Public Institutions: A New Tool for Evaluation of Higher Education in Texas
Gabriela Borcoman, THECB

Session E3 – Data Driven SWOT Analysis to Inform Comprehensive Program Review
Angela Koponen, University of Houston – Downtown

Session E5 – The Examination of Factors Impacting Hispanic Students College Success
Xiaohong Li, Sam Houston State University
Amanda Clark, Sam Houston State University

Session E6 – We “Did It Our Way” – Writing and Implementing an In-House Course Evaluation System
Shari Koukl, University of Texas at Tyler
Cindy Strawn, University of Texas at Tyler

Session E7 – Institutional Effectiveness Through Strategic Analytics
Tim Beckett, Information Builders
John Sulka, Information Builders

Session F1 – Determining De Facto Degree Plans: An Approach to Responding to CR 2.8
Pam Haws, University of Texas at Arlington
Dennis Ignatenko, University of Texas at Arlington

Session F2 – Developmental Education Accountability Measures: The Logic Behind the Scenes
Julie Eklund, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Jana Cossairt, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Session F3 – Update on a System-wide Approach: Improving Graduation Rates
Cathy Delgado, University of Texas System
Kristi Fisher, University of Texas at Austin
Roy Mathew, University of Texas at El Paso
SJ Sethi, University of Texas Pan American
Trish Norman, Research & Analysis Consultant

Session F4 – Designing Successful Data Presentations
Steven Hagstrom, Tarrant County College (Session F4 Handouts)

Session F5 – Gathering Direct Evidence of Student Engagement via ID Card Systems
Jason Simon, Ph.D, University of North Texas, Denton

Session F6 – From the Outhouse to the Un-repentant Warehouse
David Preston, Brazosport College & Cindy Ullrich, Brazosport College

Roundtable R8 – IRB: What Art Thou?
Lisa Haynes, Texas Womans University

THECB/Legislative Update

Workshop W7 and W8 – SQL and Database Management
Kate Proff, Texas State University
Tracy Stegmair, Texas Womans University