2022 Conference Presentations

Monday, February 28, 2022

A1: A role of neural network in Student Success survey analysis

A2: Funding and Building Developmental Math and Academic Support Services: Identifying Successes and Challenges for Hispanic and Low-income Students

A3: The Effect of Housing Locations on Retention and Progression: An Unexpected Story of a Regional Public Institution

B1: A Storm is Brewing: Why Analytics is more important than ever.

B2: A look at how one university fine-tuned their administrative effectiveness

B3: Embedding Student Analytic Findings into Operational Tools: Implementation Process and Visualization Showcase

B4: Predicting College Student Purge Using A Classification Tree Model


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

C1: We have a Notion about IR processes!

C2: Beyond Headcount by Counties Tables-Using Tableau to Visualize Enrollment in Texas

C3: PowerBI Row Level Security for University Data

C4: Using Data to Improve Student Success

C5: “LMI is it TMI” – starting at the ground floor and more

D1: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the performance and feature importance of retention prediction model

D2: Investigate Course Level Enrollment Patterns with Tableau and PowerBI

D3: 15 to Finish: How Does Taking 15 or more credits Impact First-time Undergraduate Students?

D4: Tableau Rodeo: Monitoring and Analyzing Enrollment with a Registration Dashboard

D5: Improving Student Pathways to Completion

E1: Data Are Not Neutral! Centering Equity in Our Work

E2: Google Data Studio as an Alternative Institutional Research and Reporting Tool

E3: A Hybrid Approach to Identifying National Peer Institutions

E4: Handling Texas-sized Self-Selection Bias: Prediction-based Propensity Score Matching and Program Evaluation

F1: Covid-19 Impact on Traditional Graduate Programs at a South Texas Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

F2: Leveraging Teams for Information Distribution

F3: Incorporating a Headcount to Parity Figure alongside the Equity Index

F4: Sharing Classroom Student Success Data: Data Back to the Faculty

F5: The Texas Higher Education Data Landscape is Shifting: What you need to know

G1: Student Enrollment by Location: Visualizing CBM Student and Class Report

G2: Using Predictive Modeling to Increase One-Year Retention through Early Identification

G3: Clustering Models to Assist in Student Outreach


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

H1: The Last Lap – Empowering Stakeholders to Take Action on Data Findings

H3: Post Completions Outcomes – TWC data showing ROI on education

H4: Passing the 7’s: SACSCOC accreditation process

THECB Legislative Update

TAIR Business Meeting