Workshop Resources Summer 2017

W1: Closing the Loop: Providing Feedback on Annual Assessment 
Kara Larkan‐Skinner & Frances Frey, Our Lady of the Lake University 

W2: Beginning SQL and Database Management
Kate Proff, Texas State University

If you would like assistance, please contact me at We can schedule a time to walk through the installation. We will walk through installation and setup at the beginning of the workshop. You can wait until this time, but please ensure you have administrator rights on your laptop and save the download files to your desktop.

W3: Making the Most of the THECB’s Interactive Accountability System
Jimmy Roberts, Temple Junior College

W4: Non‐Parametric Statistical Techniques
Rion McDonald, University of North Texas

W5: Google Charts for IR Websites
Jorge Martinez, University of Houston 

W6: Qualtrics Surveys – Creating, distributing, and working with the results
Katharine Mason, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

W7: Excel: Beyond the Basics
Bishar Sethna, Lamar University 

W8: Hands On Tableau
Al Walser, The University of Texas at Austin