2019 Conference Presentations

A1 – Best Practices for Administrative Outcomes
Christine Daley – Trinity Valley Community College

A2 – Breaking Down Tradition: Patterns in High School to Higher Education Direct Enrollments
Josie Brunner – THECB

A3 – Qualitative Research in IR Offices
Jose Luis Cano Jr. & Ismael Marquez -South Texas College
Dr. Kent Willis – UT Health Science Center Tyler

A4 – Institutional Research for Rookies Like Me
Ygnacio Lopez III – University of Houston

A5 – The Data Says… What?
Natasha Williams – Southwestern University


B1 – 60x30TX: A CCCSE Perspective
Kyle Lovseth & Mike Bohlig – Center for Community College Student Engagement

B2 – SAS Programming Tips & Tricks
Jason Hensley & Sharon Carpenter – UT Health San Antonio

B3 – Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Policies and Student Patterns in Texas Institutions of Higher Education
Melissa Humphries – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

B4 – Development of an Integrated IR/IE Master Plan
Edward Hummingbird, Luanne Manwell, & Angela Askan – Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

B5 – See the Difference! Visualizing Assessment Data
Carmen Allen & Jorge Martinez – University of Houston


C1 – Investigating Course Level Enrollment Patterns
Patrick Sanger – Alvin Community College

C2 – Performance Excellence: Using the Baldrige Excellence Framework for Institutional Self-Assessment
Maria Hinojosa, Shanna Bradford, Blanca Cuellar, & Marsha Hall – St. Philip’s College

C3 – Getting Back In Control: Helping Students Stay On A Path To Success
David Malone – Collin County Community College

C4 – Mapping Place-Based Data: Open Source Tools for Interactive Web Maps
John Dinning – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

C5 – The TAIR Strategic Plan
Paul Turcotte – Texas A&M University-Central Texas


D1 – An Analysis of Excess SCH Accumulation and Impact on Student Outcomes
Vyas Krishnamurthy & Carmen Allen – University of Houston

D2 – Administrative Evaluation 101
Edward Hummingbird – Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

D3 – An Advanced Predictive Statistical Model of College Persistence in Higher Education
Kwanghee Jung, Jaehoon Lee, Jaehak Jung, Seungman Kim, Zack Stickley, & Heungsun Hwang – Texas Tech University

D4 – Allies or Antagonists:Digging in on the relationship between IR and IT
Jason Simon – University of North Texas

D5 – Visualize the Report to Tell the Best Story
Su Chuan “Rita” He & Greg Gengo – Texas Woman’s University


E1 – Building a Coalition to Develop a Data Driven Decision-Making Culture
Miriam Qumsieh – University of Houston-Clear Lake

E2 – Estimating Low Socio Economic Status: Replacing Use of FAFSA Data as Indicator
F.C. Caranikas, Xiaoling Liang, & Soon M. Flynn – Austin Community College

E3 – Utilizing Predictive Analytics in the Search for Stronger Student Retention Strategies
Dan Stroud, Mark McClendon, & Cassie O’Brien – Midwestern State University

E4 – Retention Data with PowerBI (Getting Started Links)
Lindsay Patterson & Jason Morales – Schreiner University

E5 – Evaluating In-Demand Marketable Skills
Alys Nafsinger, Lucas Rae, & Joshua Frank – Emsi


F1 – Increasing Student Completion with Pathways Analysis
Cindy Ullrich & Michael Nguyen – Brazosport College

F2 – Using Data and Statistics to Support Academic Success Programs
Kristina Beltran – Sam Houston State University

F3 – Operation Zero: Reducing SCH Mismatches Between the CBM 001 and 004
Tracy Stegmair & Kelsey Zemler – Texas Woman’s University

F4 – Our Tool Belt: Innovation, Instruments, and Trends in Developmental Education and College Readiness
Bobby Jenkins – TX Higher Education Coordinating Board

F5 – Giddyup, Partner! How We Managed to Drive User Adoption of Analytics Self-Service Tools at Lone Star College
Kent McShan, Janet Flores, & Jason Kot – Lone Star College


G1 – From Messy to NSSE – Implementing an Effective NSSE Awareness Campaign
Natalia Assis & Dan Su – Texas A&M University-Commerce

G2 – ‘Fake It ’til You Make It: A Benefit or Hindrance to Student Success at the Community College?
Guyla Blaylock – Richland College

G3 – Using Baye’s Theorem of Conditional Probability to Analyze Course Performance
Rion McDonald – University of North Texas

G4 – Modernization of State Data Submission Process (THECB CBM Reporting)
Victor Reyna & John Dinning – Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

G5 – A Survey of Survey Data with Tableau
Sasha Singh – Tableau


H1 – Building a Data Institute: Leveraging Research Resources within the Institution
Deseree Probasco & Jae Jung – Lone Star College

H2 – A Deep Dive into Student Departure
Cindy Ullrich & Aaron Thomason – Brazosport College

H3 – 60x30TX Central Texas Region Data Deserts
Paul Turcotte – Texas A&M University-Central Texas


I1 – Legislative Update
Jenna Collinane Hege & Victor Reyna – THECB

I2 – Estimating the Relationship between Major Choice and Undergraduate Student Success
Jenna Tucker & Caroline Neary – University of Houston

I3 – Creating Advanced Analytics and Visualizations to Understand Student Persistence using R Scripts in Power BI
Jae Hak Jung, Kwanghee Jung, & Jaehoon Lee – Lone Star College