2024 Call for Participation

2024 TAIR Annual Conference
March 26 – March 29, 2024


Proposal Submission Website: https://www.texas-air.org/index.php/cfp/


The deadline for submitting proposals is November 15, 2023.


TAIR is an opportunity to share knowledge, growth, expertise, and tips and tricks with others in the field as well as practice your presentation skills. We invite you to contribute to the advancement of Institutional Research and Effectiveness by submitting one or more proposals for the 2024 TAIR Annual Conference March 26 – March 29, 2024

We strongly encourage members to co-present with service providers engaged by their institutions to demonstrate successful implementations of current, updated, and new partner solutions. For more information about these collaborations, contact our Sponsor Liaison, Amanda Moske, at amanda.moske@und.edu.


Session Tracks

Operations & Leadership – Focuses on the organization and management of Institutional Research offices and functions. Sample topics include tracking requests, organizing and archiving past studies, staffing, resources, and relationships with other operational areas.

Plan & Evaluate – Includes implementing assessment programs, goal setting and measuring, novel assessment ideas, accreditation topics, and program review.

Collect, Analyze, Interpret & Report – Emphasis is on tools, methods, and sources used for internal/external reporting, dashboards, and decision support systems.

Stewards of Data & Information – Deals with issues related to data accuracy, integrity, security, and institutional data strategy; data warehousing; decision support.

Educate Information Producers, Users, & Consumers – Demonstrates ways of training on the use of data and information to inform decision-making and includes a discussion of ways to collaborate with other stakeholder groups.

Current Issues & Research in Higher Education – Provides details on contemporary topics and research within higher education.


Session Formats

Speaker Session – A 45-minute session with one or more presenters, including a Question and Answer segment.

Discussion Session – A 45-minute, moderated session focusing on audience input and participation.

Panel Session – A 45-minute, moderated discussion with two to four panelists, each offering a unique viewpoint or perspective on a topic or issue.

Workshop – A three- or six-hour, hands-on session by one or more workshop leaders designed to provide attendees with a new skill or application of knowledge.


We are accepting proposals from Institutional Research professionals at all levels of their careers. If you are on the fence about presenting or unsure what format works best for your topic, please contact Miriam Qumsieh or Michele Hancock for more information.


Miriam Qumsieh

University of Houston – Clear Lake


Michele Hancock

Tarleton State University