2008 TAIR Conference Presentations

Below are links to the concurrent sessions given at the 2008 TAIR Conference in Galveston, for descriptions please check the 2008 Conference Brochure (PDF). The file size is in parenthesis where the files are over 1 Megabyte in size.

(A1) Moving from Program Assessment to Core Curriculum Assessment
Presenter: Vicky Putman, Collin County Community College District

(A2) Effective Practice with Entering Students: the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (3.7MB)
Presenters: Angela Oriano-Darnall and Courtney Adkins, CCSSE, University of Texas at Austin

(A3) Convolutions of a Faculty Salary Equity Study (6.3MB)
Presenters: Michael Tumeo and John Kalb, Southern Methodist University

(A4) Raising your IQ on BI: How Business Intelligence Impacts Institutional Research (2.9MB)
Presenters: Martha Oburn, North Harris Montgomery Community College District and Faron Kincheloe, Baylor University

(A5) Satisfaction at Cy-Fair College: Is the College “Closing the Gap” with Minorities?
Presenter: Steven Tran, Cy-Fair College

(A6) Tips to Handle a Complex Data Request/Report with Less Anxiety
Presenter: Salma Ferdous, University of Texas at San Antonio

(A7) Conducting Alumni and Employer Surveys
Presenter: Marilyn Greer, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

(B1) Community College Faculty and Staff “Tell It Like it Is” (1.6MB)
Presenter: Georgia Sinclair, El Paso County Community College District

(B2) Assessment and IR: Transitioning to WEAVEonline
Presenter: Thereisa Coleman, Huston-Tillotson University

(B3) The CCSSE-Texas Small Colleges Consortium: Working Together to Improve Student Success (4.6MB)
Presenters: Erika Glaser and Courtney Adkins, CCSSE, University of Texas at Austin

(B4) Business Intelligence at Tarleton State University: The Efficiency of Self-Service (2.1MB)
Presenters: Lauren Morton, Tarleton State University and Tim Beckett, Information Builders

(B5) CUPA Administrative Salary Analysis for Your President
Presenter: Allen Clark, University of North Texas

(B6) Using Baldrige Discipline to Improve Through Benchmarking and Environmental Scanning (3.8MB) (Handout)
Presenters: Fonda Vera and Bao Huynh, Richland College

(B7) Making Data Functional (Handout)
Presenters: Gabriel Rench, CCbenefits Corporation and David Andrus, Del Mar College

(C1) Assessment That Makes Sense: Synthesizing and Measuring Educational Competencies (5.0MB)
Presenter: Eugene Pond, Dallas Theological Seminary

(C2) Tracking Our Students with National Student Clearinghouse StudentTracker Data
Presenters: Jennifer Li, Sandy Naumann and Kent McShan, North Harris Montgomery Community College District

(C3) Academic Major Migration of Students by College at The University of Texas-Pan American
Presenters: S.J. Sethi and Sam Shi, University of Texas-Pan American

(C4) Importance of Student Support Services, As Perceived by Nontraditional Students in South Texas Public Institutions(2.1MB) (Handout)
Presenter: Bridgette Hardin, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

(C5) Leaping Over a Gulf of Information (Becoming a Hedgehog)
Presenter: Tom Corll, Central Texas College

(C6) Applying Bayesian Belief Networks to the Examination of Student Outcomes (3.6MB)
Presenter: Xiaohong Li, Sam Houston State University

(C7) Unlock the Treasure of Report Design with Adobe Suite
Presenters: Kate Amorella and Tracy Stegmair, Texas Woman’s University

(D1) Baiting the Hook: Creating a Culture of Assessment
Presenters: Evilu Pridgeon and Lisa Casto, The Art Institute of Dallas

(D2) Update on the Missing Link Project: Bridging the Gap Between Programs/Courses and Work Activities (3.0MB)
Presenters: James Loiselle and Hiwot Berhane, Texas Workforce Commission

(D3) Comparing New-Transfer Cohorts to Native Students with Equivalent Earned Credit Hours in the Cohorts’ Entry-Semesters(1.0MB)
Presenters: Rita Caso and Fang Duan, Sam Houston State University

(D4) Data Warehouse and Reporting from BANNER, All in One
Presenters: Linda Perez and Michael Taft, University of the Incarnate Word

(D5) Course and Instructor Evaluations (link)
Presenters: Mary Elkins and Kerri Ford, Texas Tech University

(D6) Live a Little, Take Risks with Your Data
Presenter: Paul Illich, McLennan Community College

(D7) Panel Discussion: Data Sharing Between Educational Institutions and State Agencies: Legal and Logistical Implications
Presenters: Karen Laljiani, El Centro College and Panelists from Public and Private Universities, Community Colleges, TWC, and THECB

(E1) On-Line Assessment Management (9.0MB)
Presenters: David Andrus and Jane Haas, Del Mar College, and Paul Orser, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

(E2) A Framework to Understand College Access and Affordability at the National, State and Institutional Level (Part 2)(1.6MB)
Presenters: Trish Norman and Roy Mathew, The University of Texas System

(E3) Statistical Methods for Researching Student Persistence: Comparing Multivariate Regression and Logistic Regression Approaches
Presenter: Joseph Schlichting, North Harris Montgomery Community College District

(E4) Development and Use of the Online Assessment Tracking Database (OATdb) (2.0MB)
Presenters: Rita Caso and Jeff Roberts, Sam Houston State University

(E5) Dirty Data — Can You Afford It?
Presenter: Faron Kincheloe, Baylor University

(E6) Quick and Painless Strategies for Evaluating Faculty Salaries (1.0MB)
Presenter: Maureen Croft, University of Houston

(E7) The Tsunami Effect: Cleaning Up After the Implementation of a New Integrated Student Information System
Presenters: Sam Stigall and Robert Lorick, University of Texas at Arlington

(F1) THECB Updates
Presenters: Janet Beinke and Doug Parker, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

(F2) Ad Hoc Query Reporting — Tips, Tools and Techniques (1.2MB)
Presenters: Bonnie Hurford and Lauren Morton, Tarleton State University

(F3) Using JMP Statistical Software to Perform IR Tasks
Presenters: Jerry Oglesby, SAS Institute and Tom Bohannon, Baylor University (retired)

(F4) Predictors of Interest in Distance Learning Courses
Presenter: W. Clay McFaden, Cy-Fair College

(F5) How to Conduct a Process Evaluation for a Community College Freshman Orientation Program: An Achieving the Dream Study
Presenter: Chris Timmerman, Cy-Fair College

(F6) A Streamlined Approach: Crafting the Compliance Certification Report (Handouts)
Presenters: Terri Day and Pam Haws, University of Texas at Arlington

(F7) Making Connections: The Importance of the Social Networks of Students Enrolled in Learning Communities
Presenter: Gale Stuart, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi