TAIR Membership

A one-year membership in the Texas Association for Institutional Research (TAIR) is included in the price of registration for the annual conference. If you are not a conference attendee, annual membership dues are $25. You will have the option to pay only membership dues on the conference registration site during the time when registration is open. During other times of the year you may still visit the registration web site to pay your annual membership dues. Dues may be paid by credit card, check, or purchase order.

Here are some of the benefits of membership in the Texas Association for Institutional Research:

  • A network of Institutional Researchers in Texas
  • The TAIR Listserv

Become a Member

Please take some time to review the TAIR Constitution and Bylaws(PDF). The official information on TAIR Membership and Voting is listed in Article III, printed below:

Article III. Membership and Voting.

Section 1.

Membership in the association and election to any office or appointment to any committee shall not be based on race, ethnic origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, or religious conviction.

Section 2.

Membership shall be limited to persons working at public, private and independent colleges and universities, career colleges and schools, and government agencies, that are actively engaged in institutional research leading to improved understanding, planning, evaluation, policy analysis, institutional effectiveness and operation of higher education institutions. Graduate students engaged in the practice or study of institutional research are also eligible for membership.

Section 3.

There shall be the following categories of membership: professional membership, graduate student membership, and emeritus membership.

Section 4.

Professional membership is the typical TAIR membership and belongs to one person. The membership is transportable and may also be reassigned if purchased by an employer. If a position vacancy occurs, both the original member of record and the replacement member designated by the employer shall maintain full TAIR membership privileges until the end of the current membership year.

Section 5.

To be eligible for graduate student membership, a person must provide documentation to the Secretary that s/he is actively pursuing a graduate degree at a regionally accredited institution of higher education, is not employed full-time, and is actively engaged in the study or practice of institutional research. A graduate student is eligible to vote, but is not eligible to hold elected and/or appointed positions.

Section 6.

To be eligible for emeritus membership, a person must (a) be retired and (b) have been an active member of the Association for a minimum of five years. To receive emeritus membership, a person who meets the two criteria must make it known to the Secretary, at least 30 days prior to an annual conference, that s/he has retired or will retire prior to the annual conference and wishes to be considered for emeritus membership. The Secretary shall ensure that applicants for emeritus membership meet all requirements. Prior to the annual business meeting, the Secretary shall present the names of all qualified applicants for emeritus membership to the Executive Committee for formal approval. Approval of emeritus membership entitles the emeritus member to have TAIR membership fees waived.

Section 7.

Voting may take place at any time throughout the year by means of electronic ballot administered via the TAIR website or listserv or during the annual conference by means of a ballot approved by the TAIR Executive Committee. An absentee ballot shall be available on the TAIR website for members unable to vote in person during the annual conference. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to ensure the integrity of whatever voting processes are used.

Section 8.

The right of a member to vote and all of his or her other rights and interests in the Association shall cease on the termination of his or her membership.

Section 9.

To retain membership, a member must pay the registration fee for the annual conference or pay the annual membership fee. In special cases specifically designated by the Executive Committee, and for emeritus members, the annual membership fee shall be waived.

Section 10.

The annual TAIR conference marks the beginning of the membership year.