TAIR 2012 Call for Participation
Deadline: September 30, 2011

1. How would you like to participate?

Concurrent Sessions: 50 minute presentation, concurrent sessions may be conducted by a single presenter, a small team (usually not more than three), or a panel. The format for a session can vary widely, from a scholarly paper presentation, to a "how-to" demonstration, or a focused-topic panel. A typical presentation will allow about 40 minutes for the speakers to present the material and 10 minutes for audience questions. Many of these sessions include visual media such as Power Point or other visual demonstrations. Presenters must bring their own laptops. Basic visual equipment, such as projectors and screens are available in every room.

Roundtables: 30 minute presentation, repeated 3 times. An audience (10-12 participants at a time) gathers around a table, the facilitators conduct their sessions simultaneously with approximately 10-20 minutes of presentation or demonstration and 10-20 minutes of questions from audience or discussion. The Roundtable format provides a great opportunity for a less formal, but more in depth exchange of information and ideas. No audio-visual equipment is provided.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs): 30 minutes, SIGS give TAIR members an opportunity to explore and discuss areas of common interest. At a recent TAIR conference, groups met to discuss topics related to student success (Achieving the Dream), community college survey of student engagement (CCSSE ), technical software (SAS, TracDat, Datatel, SPSS) and institution specific issues (public universities, independent college/universities, community colleges and UT system).

Pre-conference Workshops: Half-day (3-hour) or full-day (6-hour) in length, pre-conference workshops are in-depth learning experiences designed to improve the IR practitioner's skill set. Appropriate instruction may include demonstrations, discussions, group exercises, and/or hands-on computer work. Workshop proposals should include a title, description, list of supplies / equipment / software needed, requirements for Internet access (none, presenter only or presenter + participants), and any requirements regarding a minimum or maximum number of participants. In the workshop description, please describe any prerequisite skills or knowledge necessary for workshop attendance.

2. Title of Presentation:

3. Audience: (Please check all that apply)
2 Year 4 Year
Public Private
4. Program Track: (Please check up to 2 that apply)
Please select the tags that most closely describe your presentation.
The Program Committee will add these tags to the program description to allow attendees to quickly identify areas of interest.
  Assessment   IT/Technology   Enrollment
  IR Best Practices   Data Warehousing
  Survey Research   Legislative Mandates

Other Tracks:

5. Abstract: (Limit to 100 words.)
Briefly summarize the topic and its importance to the TAIR membership.
Proposals for concurrent sessions and roundtables must include abstracts. Please note that these abstracts will be used to evaluate the proposals and
will be reproduced for the conference program brochure.

6. Concurrent Sessions Speaker(s) Introduction: (Limit to 100 words.)
Please fill in a short introduction for your facilitator to read (Concurrent Sessions Only).

7. Primary Contact: (NOTE: All presenters & facilitators must be registered for the conference.)

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8. Other Presenter

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9. Equipment Needs: Each presenter must coordinate their equipment needs through the Member at Large for Technology Please indicate your equipment plans below. Each room will have a LCD projector and screen. You will need to supply your own laptop. If your presentation is heavily dependent on internet access, please contact the Member at Large for Technology to ensure access.

My presentation does not require internet access.
My presentation is heavily dependent on internet access.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Richter
Concurrent Sessions Chair
Phone: (254)298-8416

Rita Caso
Roundtable Sessions Chair
Phone: (936)294-3618

Trish Norman
Special Interest Groups Chair
Phone: (512)499-4435

Susan Thompson
Member at Large, Professional Development/Workshops Coordinator
Phone: (512)245-2348