TAIR 2008 Special Event

Tuesday, February 5th 2008

The TAIR Special Event this year will begin with the Fat Tuesday Parade along the famous “strand” in Galveston.  Buses will transport TAIR members from the Moody Garden’s Hotel to the parade route where a festive, though tamer, version of the famous Fat Tuesday Parade of the Mardi Gras celebration of New Orleans will take place Tuesday evening.  Beads will be provided to all TAIR members who attend, but bring your own mask if you want to truly get into the lively spirit of the evening.  After the colorful parade, TAIR members will stroll about a block to the Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant for a banquet of fish and chicken entrees with delicious side dishes and desserts.  Buses will pick up TAIR members at the restaurant and return them to the Moody Garden’s Hotel after dinner. The cost for this event is $35.

Take a look at last year's photo gallery about three-quarters of the way through for some great pictures from the Special Event for TAIR 2007